Planting Accuracy

Precision Planting

Increase your planting accuracy with a ProTrakker Guidance System. Tackle sidehills, ridges, and more with improved accuracy, leading to maximized yields and better field conditions. Precision planting with a ProTrakker allows you to determine with sub-inch accuracy where and how much seed is planted and ensures you start your season with the most optimal growing conditions. No matter your crop or region, our implement guidance systems will bring a valuable change to your planting season and increase repeatability long term.

Benefits of Planter Implement Guidance

From lowered costs to better planting locations, implement guidance systems offer an array of benefits in the field. ProTrakker delivers value to your planting operation in several ways, including:

  • Reducing seed waste and costs due to overlap
  • Limiting loss in productivity due to nutrient competition from high seed density
  • Maintaining accurate and repeatable rows on slopes, contours and turns
  • Following previous year’s furrows for maximum access to stored soil moisture
  • Planting seed right in the fertility zone for early emergence and growth, resulting in increased yields
  • Extending plantable hours in the day
Planting accurate and repeatable with ProTrakker’s implement guidance hitch for any row crops.