Precision Ag Applications

Versatile Row-Crop Implement Guidance

ProTrakker implement steering hydraulic hitches are designed for use in almost any precision agriculture application. There is a model compatible with nearly every modern tractor and implement. Continue below, to see how precision farming impacts every type of agriculture operation, helping to increase your bottom line.

Strip-Till Farming

As producers look for ways to optimize profitability through tillage options, strip-till has been the go-to solution for many. The benefits of strip-till include aeration, or fluffs, that allow wet, poorly draining soils to dry faster in the spring. Quicker spring dry-out and residue removal of the planting area also helps increase soil temperatures earlier than no-till options. ProTrakker’s hydraulic hitches allow you to add precision strip-till guidance to your operation and experience the benefits in your field.

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Rows planted in a strip-tilled field with precision accuracy
Example of a no-till field in precision agriculture

No-Till Farming

Reduce waste and optimize yields by avoiding overlaps and skips in your no-till operation with the accurate repeatability of ProTrakker. The precision offered by ProTrakker also reduces variability in guess rows and limits crop damage that may occur during traditional tillage/cultivation.

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Organic Farming

With the sub-inch accuracy of a ProTrakker Implement Guidance System, you can ensure consistent seed placement and coverage to maximize your return on investment. ProTrakker’s repeatability keeps you in the same tire tracks year after year, improving the soil structure and nutrient use efficiency of your plants.

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Organic Farming precision ag technology
Sidedressing a field using precision ag technology


Increase the accuracy of your side dresser and deliver fertilizer exactly where you need it most with ProTrakker’s precision field application. Accurate application maintains maximum yields while reducing wasted fertilizer. Plus, you can visually eliminate any damage from incorrect implement tracking, making sidedressing with ProTrakker more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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Accuracy and repeatability are crucial during cultivation to maximize effectiveness and minimize crop damage. Following the same lines year after year, cultivating with a ProTrakker Implement Guidance System reduces variability while preparing your field for a successful yield.

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Cultivation made easy with implement guidance
Planting accurate and repeatable with precision agriculture technology for any row crops.


Improve planting accuracy with a ProTrakker Guidance System. You can improve field conditions and maximize your yield with the precise row crop guidance of our hydraulic hitches, which are tailored to your implement’s specifications.

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Avoid damaging crops and wasting fertilizer when heading back into the field to spray. ProTrakker automatically adjusts for implement drift, keeping the implement from running over your emerged crop. And, with the repeatable sub-inch accuracy of ProTrakker, you can minimize overlap and skips for consistent and efficient application.

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Tractor spraying a field
Contoured field requiring consistent repeatability

Specialty Crop Farming

Achieve the highest level of accuracy on specialty crops such as potatoes and beets, when repeatability is a must. ProTrakker Guidance Systems make specialty crop farming more accurate, ensuring the same pathway is taken with each pass.

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Contour Farming

Driving curved paths when farming around terraces requires repeatable tracking to avoid unnecessary crop damage that affects your bottom line. Use a ProTrakker Implement Guidance System to ensure a high precision operation and reduce operator fatigue from constant tracking.

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Terraced field requiring repeatable tracking

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