Transform Your Equipment Into Precision Guidance

July 10, 2020

How Simple It Is To Transform Your Implement Into A Precision Ag Tool

Interested in transforming your operations from unguided to precision placement? Don’t worry about having to get rid of your current equipment. ProTrakker Guidance Systems can convert your tractor and implement into precision tools to help you achieve more in the field and help boost your bottom line.

Hydraulic Hitches

ProTrakker’s line of hydraulic hitches come in a variety of different models and can be mounted on virtually any tractor. They’re made to be easily installed in 30 minutes or less, depending upon model size or accessories. The hitches are designed for 2-point and drawn equipment and giving operators control over drift and accurate implement placement.

GPS-Active Guidance

ProTrakker is also compatible with multiple GPS systems that make switching to implement guidance even more simplified. This is one of the most versatile solutions to add precision to your operation and is compatible with John Deere’s Active Implement Guidance, Raven Twin Steer, Trimble TrueTracker, and Homburg Holland's SmartSteer System for AgLeader.

According to one of ProTrakker’s Dealers, "The ProTrakker Hitch has opened a new market for us. It is an easy sell to anyone that has already invested in John Deere’s Active Implement Guidance. It’s part of the package to achieve straight and accurate rows all throughout the season."


SonicTrakk™ guidance utilizes high-tech, non-contact, ultrasonic sensors that are attached to the implement. No GPS required as the ultrasonic waves detect changes in terrain and objects. These can be set to detect furrows, crops (around 3"), and even tire treads. It is compatible for use in multiple field applications and is VT compatible for use with your own VT terminal.

When used with a ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch, your implement is steered based on the changes detected by the implement’s sensors. This technology is not sensitive to dust or dirt and works independently of daylight. Which means you can accomplish tasks, like planting, all day and all night without sacrificing accuracy.

Side-Hill Sensor and Control Box

The Side-Hill Sensor works in a different capacity when compared to the SonicTrakk. This system controls the implement by directing the hitch to counteract any changes in a tilt that may cause the implement to drift off-course. Users simply have to mount the control box in the cab, and growers can control implements over any terrain.

ProTrakker user Greg Jager, from Hazard, Nebraska, commented on the usability of the system and control options. "We will not go to the field without it. It simply follows the tractor tracks no matter the hill size. It worked so well we now have two units, one for the sprayer and one for the fertilizer applicator," said Jager.

So, if you want to dive into the precision agriculture game, ProTrakker has the right tools to help you make the switch while allowing you to keep your existing equipment and implements.

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