ProTrakker: A Global Force


Odebolt, IA (January 09, 2024) - With company roots that run deep in the Heartland of America to a passionate customer base in Australia, ProTrakker has become a global force with its innovative implement guidance systems.

American Farmland

Across the vast expanse of American farmlands, ProTrakker has established itself as an indispensable ally for farmers. Specially designed to enhance precision in planting, harvesting, cultivating, and more; ProTrakker’s Hydraulic Hitches have proven to be a game-changer. Their technology has consistently delivered results, helping farmers increase productivity, reduce waste, and grow yields.

Cultivating Success Down Under

Australia, with its diverse agricultural practices, challenging terrains, and non-wetting soil, has found a reliable partner in ProTrakker. Farmers on this continent have embraced the precision and adaptability offered by ProTrakker's solutions. From optimizing row spacing for canola fields in Western Australia, fine-tuning precision planting in the sorghum fields of Southern Australia, and so much more, ProTrakker has proven its versatility.

Passionate Customer Base: The Driving Force

What sets ProTrakker apart is not just its cutting-edge technology but the unwavering support it receives from a passionate and dedicated customer base. Farmers across the world have recognized the groundbreaking impact of ProTrakker's solutions. 

In the dynamic world of precision agriculture, ProTrakker stands out as a true global force, transforming fields and enriching farms across continents.