Pre-Season Harvest Checklist


August 31, 2023

As the sun starts to set a little earlier each day, there’s no denying that harvest season is just around the corner. Soon, fall will be here, and growers everywhere will get ready to reap the benefits of planting season. The experts at ProTrakker Guidance Systems have compiled a pre-harvest checklist to help prepare for the season ahead.

Clean and inspect farm equipment

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to clean and inspect all combines, tractors, grain carts, and trucks before harvest time. Combined with dusty conditions and low humidity, residue can cause dangerous field fires. Measures such as cleaning and checking for fuel leaks can help in prevention of issues.

Make repairs if needed

Summer is a good time to complete equipment repairs—before it’s too late. Test equipment and take inventory of tools you might need come fall. Have repair questions about your ProTrakker? Contact us on our website or give us a call and we’d be happy to help.

Refresh on best safety practices

Make sure everyone is up-to-date on how to reduce risk on the farm. At times it may seem redundant, but safety measures can make the difference in life or death, especially when operating in and around large machinery. Check out our list of Ten Farm Safety Tips to help keep your operation safe this harvest season.

Make a harvest plan

Some math may be required for this step, but it’s well worth it. Making a harvest plan can put you ahead of the curve come fall. Take stock of your available personnel and equipment, so you can maximize your resources ahead of time. Obviously field readiness changes daily, but you may want to map out a route of which fields you plan to tackle so all your resources are as organized as they can be.

Invest in precision agriculture

Finally, think ahead financially and set some goals for harvest. Your operation may need more precision technology to take your farm to the next level. ProTrakker implement steering hydraulic hitches are designed for use in almost any precision agriculture application, and there is a model compatible with nearly every modern tractor and implement. Using a ProTrakker for all types of applications creates more benefits in the fall.

These key pre-harvest steps should put you ahead of the game and a fine-tuned operation will pay dividends. For more information on precision agriculture and system solutions offered by ProTrakker, visit