Our Trakk Record: Better Cropping Results With Implement Guidance

September 7, 2022

ProTrakker results in the field.

ProTrakker unveiled its first hydraulic implement hitch with the goal of helping farmers achieve their maximum yield potential. Two decades later, growers are still seeing the benefits of incorporating ProTrakker’s active implement guidance systems in their operations. 

With numerous agricultural studies conducted with ProTrakker machinery, the results are evident, hydraulic hitches reduce implement drift and positively impact yields. Let’s dive into a few of those studies for strip-till and edge-row sowing applications. 

Precision With Strip-Till

As producers look for ways to optimize profitability, strip-tilling has been the go-to solution for many. This practice eliminates some of the primary and secondary tillage of traditional systems and reduces fuel and labor costs. The challenge with strip-till is that it's critical for growers to place inputs precisely in the strip zone. With varying terrain and field conditions, this can be quite an undertaking. 

ProTrakker has demonstrated the ability to maintain multi-pass accuracy in strip-till farming. According to a 2015 study titled, Integrating Technologies to Enhance The Simplicity of Strip-Tillage Systems, by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA), “the goal was to demonstrate proof of concept for a system for developing accurate topography contours, and follow contours with high pass-to-pass accuracy through RTK GPS and active implement guidance via ProTrakker® hitch.” Results concluded that the active hitch performed well, maintaining pass-to-pass accuracy for the planter and strip-till rig despite the impact of contour driving and operating on a side-hill. The 15’ strip-till and planter passes were harvested without any issues with a 20’ corn head.

With better precision in the field, ProTrakker users can leverage repeatable accuracy for the best results. “Stability and repeatability with ProTrakker systems have been proven to improve yields by 15-20 bushels per acre, save producers up to 8% in input costs and give them implement control that dramatically increases germination and growth,” said Cory Miller, President of ProTrakker. “Implement guidance systems are not only helping improve farmers' profitability, but they are also assisting them with soil conservation through maximizing the benefits of strip-till and no-till production.”

The ability to negotiate fluctuating terrain and stay on track is just one of the reasons why ProTrakker is an indispensable tool across numerous agricultural applications, such as our next topic, edge-row sowing. 

Precision With Edge-Row Sowing

Edge-row sowing is where growers place the seed right up against the stubble of the old crop for moisture and nutrient benefits. Ensuring this type of seed placement requires exact precision.

Farmers incorporating this planting practice with ProTrakker Guidance Systems have witnessed fewer expenses, better plant emergence, and optimal yields–increasing their ROI.

This method is utilized in areas where specific moisture pathways need to be targeted, such as the non-wetting soils found in some of Australia's more arid regions. 

Studies that have utilized ProTrakker have shown that by repurposing pre-existing root moisture pathways this way, farmers can gain 3-4 weeks of advanced growth, which translates to massive yield responses. Growers have also seen credible evidence of superior germination in non-wetting conditions due to a +/-2cm placement accuracy.

Along with studies, farmers’ own anecdotal evidence is clear about the effectiveness of active implement guidance. Australian farmer, Theo Cunningham, commented, “When the ProTrakker is not engaged, you can notice bar drift, particularly on hilly slopes, but when it’s turned on, you can look out the back and see the hitch constantly making slight adjustments to keep the bar straight.”

For more information about ProTrakker hitches and guidance control options, please visit ProTrakker.com/Implement-Guidance-Systems