How ProTrakker Helps Farmers In Arid Climates

June 30, 2021

ProTrakker helps farmers grow crops in arid climates

How ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches Help Farmers Grow Crops in Arid Climates

Growers in more arid climates of the world, such as the Southwestern United States or Western Australia, are plagued by scarce water resources and non-wetting soil conditions that affect crop health, yields, and the bottom line. There are specialized farming methods and equipment that can help growers achieve optimal results in these areas, making the best use of available moisture in the soil. Best practices include the following:

  • Correct spacing of crops providing a larger "bank" of moisture for each plant
  • Minimize tillage
  • Stringent weed control so crops are not competing with weeds for moisture
  • Edge-row and on-row sowing

While all of these practices try and target readily available moisture, edge-row and on-row sowing are some of the most successful practices for getting seeds in contact with essential moisture pathways. Edge-row sowing is where growers place the seed right up against the furrow of the old crop stubble. On-row sowing has the seed being set directly into the furrow itself. Using edge-row and on-row sowing has helped farmers target not only moisture pathways but also increase their yields.

ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches Help Exploit Soil Moisture

Exact precision is needed to ensure the seeds are placed directly into or right next to the furrow. ProTrakker Guidance Systems has excellent solutions to achieve repeatable and precise edge-row and on-row sowing. The ability to be accurate with all your passes is what makes these two sowing methods work.

ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches are designed to be compatible with different control options, giving growers the flexibility to decide what advanced guidance technology works best for them. ProTrakker works with the leading GPS providers, including John Deere, Trimble, Raven, and Homburg Holland for Ag Leader.

Farmers incorporating this planting practice with ProTrakker Guidance Systems have witnessed fewer expenses, better plant emergence, and optimal yields–increasing their ROI.

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