400DX Hydraulic Hitch

ProTrakker 400DX Hydraulic Hitch
*For 400HP implements
400DX Hydraulic Hitch Specifications:
Implement hitch pin 1.5” or 2”
Shipping weight 1,200 lbs
HP Rating 400
Vertical load limit (tongue weight) 10,000 lbs
Off-line correction (left to right travel) 26”

Mounting to the tractor’s 3-point hookup, the 400DX hydraulic hitch is built to quickly and easily convert from a 2-point hitch attachment to a drawbar-style hookup. This adaptability lends itself well to a wide variety of implements and applications. Built to work with rigs rated up to 400 horsepower and delivering up to 26 inches of off-line correction, the 400DX hydraulic ag implement hitch works with a number of implement control options (from GPS to ultrasonic sensors) to achieve sub-inch accuracy in the field. This 3-point hitch guidance can precisely compensate for implement drift. The hydraulic hitch design allows you to establish repeatability every year and is the perfect tool for any precision agriculture operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be easily converted to work with 2-Point implement hitches, standard straight drawbars, or Clevis type (when converted to drawbar)
  • Mounts to the tractor 3-Point
  • Works with category 3 or 4n 2-point implement hitch
  • Designed for easy installation and implement hook-up
  • 1 1/2” or 2” implement hitch pin (when converted to drawbar style)
  • Powder coat paint finish
  • Built to last - low maintenance and easy service
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  • Lundell Plastics™ HitchSaver™
  • Hydraulic Hose Extension

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The 400DX Hydraulic Hitch is adaptable to any farming operation — see photos of it here in use on several different implements.

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"Our ProTrakker will lead our sprayer through the side slopes by moving the trailer up the slope automatically, allowing me to concentrate on operating the tractor. This has allowed me to be more relaxed spraying in our 20 inch rows."
- Joel Mickelson, Windom, MN

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