Once you use ProTrakker, there's no going back. Not only will it make your job easier, but the ProTrakker pays for itself with the crops you save. Don't believe us? Talk to any ProTrakker owner, and they'll tell you how ProTrakker has changed the way they work.

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"We purchased a ProTrakker 400DB hitch in the Spring of 2016 to use on our John Deere DB60 planter. We farm around 1,500 acres organically. Precision planting and cultivating is critical to our ability to control weeds so having straight rows is vital. We run multiple John Deere RTK systems and use Active Implement Guidance now with our planter and tractor (8295RT). In 2015, even with RTK, on most of our hills I could see the planter drift 8 – 12 inches. When cultivating this caused us some major challenges and negatively affected our crops. In 2016 with our ProTrakker 400DB hitch, the planter stayed straight as an arrow, even over the sides and tops of hills.

When cultivating we use a Slide Guide, which senses the row and can move the cultivator back and forth to keep it on the row. We run as low as 6 – 7 inches between the tips of the cultivator sweeps. Being off even 2 or 3 inches means we are clipping roots or completely taking out plants. Our rows are so straight now that I turn the Slide Guide from Auto to Manual. I have gone 4 or 5 rounds without making a manual adjustment. For our operation, adding the ProTrakker 400DB hitch has equated to more profit. We cultivate out less corn and beans and we do a better job controlling weeds. All in all we are very pleased with our ProTrakker hitch."

- Jerry M, Clarkfield, MN

"We will not go to the field without it. It simply follows the tractor tracks no matter the hill size. It worked so well we now have two units, one for the sprayer and one for the fertilizer applicator."
- Greg and Jon Jager, Hazard, NE

"Wouldn't be able to spray without it — if you have hills this product is a must."
- Don Geisler, Pleasanton, NE

"Our ProTrakker will lead our sprayer through the side slopes by moving the trailer up the slope automatically, allowing me to concentrate on operating the tractor. This has allowed me to be more relaxed spraying in our 20 inch rows."
- Joel Mickelson, Windom, MN

"Does everything you said it would and it will pay for itself, no question."
- Dave Guse, Waseca, MN

"The ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch is a very simple and cost-effective solution for those looking for sub-inch implement accuracy when used with RTK."
- Jim Irwin, Arthur, IA