SonicTrakk™ Implement Guidance

Sonic Tractor Guidance

Sonic guidance is the utilization of non-contact ultrasonic sensors in implement steering. The sensors detect tire tracks, strip-till ridges and plants to guide your implement in the field.

SonicTrakk Joystick
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Achieve Repeatable Crop Rows

The SonicTrakk™ is an innovative ISO VT compatible control option that precisely guides multiple implements on all types of terrain. By using the four exterior ultrasonic sensors, farmers achieve the repeatability required for high accuracy farming practices.


  • Guides implements with the highest accuracy
  • For multiple field applications
  • A joystick feature makes engaging, disengaging, and manual movement of the system easy
  • Compatible with many VT Terminals or has a separate terminal option
  • No GPS signal required
  • Non-sensitive against dust & works independent of daylight
  • Wear resistant
  • Easily installed on the implement
Plant tracking using ultrasonic sensors
Ridge tracking using SonicTrakk
Tire Track Tracking using ultrasonic technology


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