Side-Hill Sensor

Manual/Auto Controller

Developed by Protrakker, Side-Hill Sensor provides you with easy-to-control implement guidance for tricky terrain. As the tractor leans on a side hill, ProTrakker’s hitch will automatically adjust, ensuring precise planting and keeping the implement’s tires from damaging the crop.

Side-Hill Sensor
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Control Box with Side-Hill Sensor™

Use ProTrakker’s controller with Side-Hill Sensor for accurate row tracking. The user-friendly control box allows you to adjust gain setting, giving you ultimate control in the field!


  • The Side-Hill Sensor detects the tractor’s degree of slope and automatically adjusts the ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch to keep the implement in the guidance track
  • When in manual mode, the ProTrakker hitch is controlled with the jog button
  • Light bar indicator alerts the operator to the hitch position
  • Nine setting options to adjust for a variety of implement lengths
Side-Hill Sensor Demonstration