Terrace Farming

The Benefits of Precise Contour Farming

Contour cultivation brings major benefits to your field, including decreased erosion and soil runoff. Contour plowing maximizes the land available and preserves soil health—but also presents a challenge in row crop farming. Navigating around these curves can lead to unintended crop damage without the right equipment. Through precision contour farming practices, you can use repeatable tracking to plow around contours safely without inflicting crop damage that will harm your bottom line.

How can ProTrakker help?

Our hydraulic hitches contribute to reliable implement guidance, helping you easily navigate around contours and combat implement drift. With ProTrakker, your row crops benefit from repeatable, defined paths—even near the contours in your field. Other benefits of our hydraulic hitches include:

  • Precisely placed seed and nutrients increase yield
  • Eliminate crop damage from inaccurate tracking
  • Improve crop quality
  • Perfect guess rows for mismatched implement widths
  • Auto steer when spraying or sidedressing
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Create a more professional row appearance
  • Eliminate overlap of chemical, fertilizer, seed, and more
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Sidedressing a field using precision ag technology