Precision Field Spraying

The Benefits of Spraying

Avoid damaging crops and wasting fertilizer when heading back into the field to spray. ProTrakker automatically adjusts for implement drift, keeping the implement from running over your emerged crop. And, with the repeatable sub-inch accuracy of ProTrakker, you can minimize overlap and skips for consistent and efficient application.

How can ProTrakker help?

Implement guidance compensates for implement drift on row crops which happens when your implement encounters side slopes, different soils, and curved terrain. With implement guidance, you can now keep the tractor and implement on the same defined path year after year.

  • Precisely placed seed and nutrients increase yield
  • Eliminate crop damage from inaccurate tracking
  • Improve crop quality
  • Perfect guess rows for mismatched implement widths
  • Auto steer when spraying or sidedressing
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Create a more professional row appearance
  • Eliminate overlap of chemical, fertilizer, seed, and more
Learn more about Protrakker's Implement Guidance System
Sidedressing a field using precision ag technology