Organic Farming Precision

Why Consider Organic Farming?

While methods of organic farming can differ, the practice generally involves developing environmentally-friendly enterprises that maintain biological diversity, protect soil health and avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Organic farming is primarily appealing to farmers concerned about the impact of conventional agricultural systems on the environment, although as eating organic products becomes more popular, others are looking to get involved in the expanding organic food market. Though typically operating on a smaller scale than non-organic farms, organic farmers are able to profit from this system in part because of the growing niche market for organically grown food.

How Can ProTrakker Help?

Just as in conventional farming practices, ProTrakker can help ensure consistent seed placement in organic operations. Using ProTrakker Implement Guidance Systems allows for row repeatability year after year, which improves the soil structure and nutrient use efficiency, putting organic crops in a position for a successful growing season.

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