ProTrakker Can Benefit Vegetable Crop Growers

March 02, 2021

Vegetable crops require an extraordinary amount of care and attention. Similar to conventional crops, specialty crops can significantly benefit from the use of precision ag technology. Implement guidance technology, such as ProTrakker Implement Guidance Systems, can lead to better outcomes for potato growers.

Potato Farming

For potato farmers, a great deal of prep work goes into getting their potato bed ready for planting. Drawn potato planting implements are susceptible to implement drift caused by varying soil conditions and gravity in sidehill applications. Product is damaged by implements being off-line. Poor implement tracking can erase yields quickly. Ensure that all of the time and money doesn't go to waste by utilizing implement steering. ProTrakker's hydraulic hitches work by giving operators more control over the implements used in potato farming, whether it’s the cultivator, planter, sprayer, harvester, and more. 

Overall, precision guidance affords new opportunities to the growers that utilize them for the different applications. Benefits of the ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch include: 

  • Precisely placed seed and nutrients increase yield
  • Eliminate crop damage from inaccurate tracking
  • Neat guess rows for mismatched implement widths
  • Improve crop quality
  • Autosteer when spraying or side-dressing
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Eliminate overlap of chemical, fertilizer, seed, and more

When using GPS, potato growers can maintain perfect spacing between passes with sub-inch accuracy. SonicTrakk can use the raised beds to keep the implements in line. Both control options create repeatable results, so growers can reduce fatigue and plant, spray, or cultivate for longer hours when required. Once the potato planting is done, growers can turn around and hill potatoes (if using this method) with the same amount of accuracy. 

That same precision system can be used later in the season to steer sprayers as they pass between the rows. Using a ProTrakker Guidance System for all aspects of the potato planting; hilling, cultivation, spraying, planting, and harvesting will result in increased yields and improved quality.

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