ProTrakker Unveils Hydraulic Hitch for John Deere 9000 Series Track Tractors

December 01, 2016

ODEBOLT, Iowa - ProTrakker, an Iowa-based implement guidance system manufacturer, has been developing high-quality agricultural products for over 30 years. The company’s longstanding history of innovation continues with a new addition to its product lineup.

ProTrakker’s new product, the WS9000T Hydraulic Hitch, is specific to John Deere 9000T and 9000RT tractor models. “These tractors have a wide swing mechanism that our customers have wanted to control for years. Just like our other hydraulic hitch models, this hitch can be controlled in multiple ways to achieve the implement correction farmers are seeking,” says company president Cory Miller. “We’re excited to make these options available to our customers.”

Similar to the other hydraulic hitch models in the ProTrakker product lineup, the WS9000T provides sub-inch accuracy when connected with the leading GPS providers such as John Deere Active Implement Guidance or Trimble TrueTracker. Additionally, the new WS9000T can be controlled by SonicTrakk, an ISO VT compatible ultrasonic control option that can sense any consistent 2” deviation, or by ProTrakker’s Side-Hill Sensor which detects the degree of slope and adjusts accordingly to keep implements on track. Also, there is an optional adjustable restrictor available for dampening if desired to use in manual/float mode.

Boasting an off-line correction of nearly five feet, the ProTrakker WS9000T Hydraulic Hitch will deliver the same precision and sub-inch row accuracy results that have become synonymous with the ProTrakker brand.

Those looking to place an order or request more information on the WS9000T, are urged to submit a contact form at

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