ProTrakker Showcases Latest Tillage Technology

October 31, 2014

ODEBOLT, Iowa - Harvest season is an extraordinarily busy time of year for farmers, but it is also a time for them to be looking ahead to field and crop management for the next growing season. Every producer knows that how they take care of the land in the fall will be a leading factor in the success of next year's crop.

Over the past several months, the ProTrakker staff have attended various trade shows and put on demonstrations across the midwest. These appearances have provided them with the opportunity to share the latest advances in guidance technology and to help farmers customize their operations to take advantage of the natural-occurring nutrients, moisture retention and reduced operational costs of contour farming and low- or no-till options.

"As producers look for ways to optimize profitability and preserve resources, we are seeing more and more looking into the advantages of contouring, terracing and low- or no-till options, said ProTrakker president, Cory Miller. "Our role in the months prior to harvest is to help educate and inform the growers of the technology that is now available to meet those needs."

The ProTrakker hydraulic hitch is a proven system for controlling tail or drift of the implement on slopes, contours or in variable soils. Depending on the model selected, the ProTrakker can be set to adjust automatically with side hills or linked to track with your GPS system.

In September, the team attended the Crossroads GPS Customer Appreciation Day in York, Neb. The ProTrakker hydraulic implement steering hitch was a featured vendor during this customer-focused event.

In August, ProTrakker was a focal point at the 1st Annual Phelps Expo in Iowa Falls, Iowa. This two-day event included new and used John Deere equipment and vendors with complimentary products. The ProTrakker implement guidance system was highlighted in live demonstrations in conjunction with the John Deere Active Implement Guidance System during both days of the show.

In late July, the team took part in the Total Ag Industries show in Hillsboro, N.D. This public event gave attendees the opportunity to see the ProtTrakker set up on a 8370R tractor pulling a DB60 planter. This configuration had been used on several thousand acres for spring planting, and guests could not only see the implement guidance system for themselves, they could get questions answered about performance and benefits from utilization of this equipment configuration.