ProTrakker Proving Beneficial for Farmers Near and Far

June 4, 2013

Unique implement guidance system making an impact on international markets

ProTrakker, the innovative GPS-ready implement guidance hydraulic hitch originating from Odebolt, Iowa, is beginning to grow in popularity across the world. From rural Iowa to Canada and Australia, ProTrakker is proving its worth, taking precision farming to another level and providing growers with outstanding results.

Before discovering ProTrakker, side hill navigation has been a challenge to farmers in Exeter in Ontario, Canada, for years. Paul Van Oss of Exeter's Huron Tractor described plotting on hills as guessing. "I said to one of my customers, 'Wouldn't it be something if we had a hydraulic drawbar?'" stated Van Oss, "and then I searched online and found there was one already on the market." Van Oss has already sold several ProTrakker systems to growers looking to plant accurate and repeatable rows on various sizes and slopes of hills, and expects more of his customers to follow suit soon.

Simon Hill of Gnowangerup in Western Australia was drawn to the ProTrakker because of its ability to help farmers in the region to overcome dry conditions when planting staple crops such as wheat, barley, and canola. The accuracy of the guidance system allows growers to follow the previous year's furrows so the seeds can have access to stored moisture in the soil. "The ProTrakker enables us to follow these existing pathways and establish a crop on extreme minimum rainfall without changing the soil profile of an entire field," states Hill. Hill went on to say that he expects to gain even greater benefit in his second year using the ProTrakker, once rows are further straightened and repeatable.

"We know we have a versatile, quality product and are extremely pleased that customers across the globe are discovering the many benefits of ProTrakker," said Cory Miller, President of ProTrakker's manufacturer MBW Products.