Tillage Matters

Iowa Farmer’s Tillage Approach Saves At Least 12 Dump Truck Loads of Soil Per 150-Acre Field Per Year.

By Laurie Bedord, Successful Farming magazine/agriculture.com


Ben Pederson, Iowa farmer and ProTrakker Customer, has spent more than a decade utilizing the cultivation practice of strip-tilling and is reaping the method’s various benefits. Before using strip-till, Pederson despised the mess that field cultivators made and was agitated by disk-ripping the acres of cornstalks in the field. Seeking new solutions, he spent years researching strip-tilling and decided that he would convert his operation to this tillage practice, despite reservations expressed by family and his banker.

The switch took time. Pederson began by investing in a new tillage system that allowed him to convert his fields to strip-till, and added implement guidance to reduce variations in guess row width. His current strip-till setup saves 3 1/2 tons of soil per acre per year, reduces fertilizer needs by 25%, and generates yields up to 10% better than with conventional tillage. Pederson offered insight to farmers that may be considering the switch to strip-till (which can be found in the full article).

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Reprinted with permission from Successful Farming magazine/Agriculture.com. Copyright Meredith Corporation 2020. All rights reserved.