SonicTrakk Proving to Increase Farming Accuracy

February 24, 2016

ODEBOLT, Iowa (February 24, 2016) - Accuracy and efficiency are issues that every farmer wants to address, especially when it affects their yields. ProTrakker Guidance Systems has been diligently working on new products that address row accuracy, soil health, implement drift, driver fatigue and much more. The guidance system manufacturer recently introduced SonicTrakk, a unique ISO VT compatible guidance option that is equipped with exterior ‘no-contact’ ultrasonic technology. While still relatively new to implement guidance, SonicTrakk is receiving great reviews from farmers looking to achieve a higher level of accuracy.

During 2015, Joe D. from North Dakota put SonicTrakk to the test and found the control option to be extremely accommodating to his needs. Joe has been raising row crops for the last 30 years and using GPS for the last 10 years, but “what makes my farm different from most is that I raise specialty crops that rely on a lot of mechanical methods of weed control and not so much chemical,” says Joe D.

Combined with a ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch, SonicTrakk precisely guides your implement on slopes and contour rows and provides farmers with the repeatability required for high accuracy farming practices such as no-till, strip till, organic farming, and in Joe’s case, cultivation. “I usually cultivate my bean crop 4 to 5 times throughout the season. This was the first year I was able to cut cost with one less cultivation, which was normally done very early just to help row mark. With the ProTrakker SonicTrakk I was able to use the RTK on the tractor and rely on the sonic sensors to do their job.”

In addition to SonicTrakk, ProTrakker Guidance Systems offers a variety of implement guidance solutions. As the need for precision ag products continues to grow, farmers are cognizant of evolving technologies. Pairing ProTrakker’s SonicTrakk with a Hydraulic Hitch gives this organic farmer amazing results. “The [SonicTrakk] sensors were able to guide the machine through the field with ease. If they are able to get a solid reading all of the time, I feel this method is very close to a 100% accuracy rating. SonicTrakk is one of the most innovative solutions for solving a very difficult problem that farmers face every year. SonicTrakk will be a tool I will not want to leave behind!”

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