Implement Guidance Systems

Benefits of Tractor Guidance

Precision agriculture operations depend on implement guidance to compensate for the inevitable implement drift that occurs when a row crop implement encounters side slopes, different soil compositions, and curved terrain. With precision implement guidance, you can now keep the tractor and implement on the same defined path year after year. The benefits of implement guidance include:

  • Precisely placed seed and nutrients increase yield
  • Eliminate crop damage from inaccurate tracking
  • Improve crop quality
  • Perfect guess rows for mismatched implement widths
  • Auto steer when spraying or sidedressing
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Create a more professional row appearance
  • Eliminate overlap of chemical, fertilizer, seed, and more

Take your row crop guidance to the next level with ProTrakker Guidance Systems. With universal mounting for different tractors and multiple implements, ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches adapt to the unique qualities of your tractor and field. They ensure consistent implement tracking correction on virtually any setup or field application. These hydraulic hitches boost yields by helping you achieve sub-inch accuracy — allowing you to maximize profits and avoid crop damage from off-track implements.

Implement Hitches with Quick Installation and a Lasting Impact

ProTrakker hydraulic hitches are built from the highest quality materials and made to be easily installed in 30-minutes or less, depending upon model size or accessories. The low-maintenance ProTrakker hydraulic hitch is engineered for easy setup and reliable performance year after year.

ProTrakker implement hitch feature diagram

How ProTrakker Implement Guidance Systems Work

ProTrakker implement hitch movement

Implement guidance systems like ProTrakker’s hydraulic implement hitches give operators more control over bailout and drift when the implement moves in the opposite direction of the pulling vehicle. ProTrakker offers the flexibility to customize the hydraulic hitch implement guidance system to fit your active guidance needs.

Dual cylinders adjust to either direction in order to keep your implements from trailing into your crops, which causes costly damage. You gain as much as 13” of off-line correction in either direction to help you stay on track. Click here to watch a short video on the ProTrakker range of movement.

“Ag Implement Hitches Compatible with Nearly All Tractors

Whether you’re working with planters, side-dressers, or almost any other implement, ProTrakker’s GPS-ready implement guidance will bring more precision to your precision agriculture operation. Our hydraulic hitches are available for tractors and implements that range from 80 to 500 HP, and can mount to a drawbar or three-point hitch. These adaptable features make it easier to pair your hydraulic hitch with nearly all implements for precision agriculture application.

ProTrakker’s hitches and implement control options add precision across your farming operation. Common implement uses include:

Incredible Sub-Inch Accuracy

ProTrakker implement guidance system results ProTrakker implement guidance system hitting moisture pathways

ProTrakker Benefits:

  • Achieve sub-inch accuracy
  • Practically eliminate crop damage
  • Eliminate overlap with chemical, seed, fertilizer and much more
  • Reduce nearly all fatigue caused by tracking
  • Get repeatability with your fertilizer strips and seed, year after year
  • Reduce labor and fuel costs
  • Compensate for implement drift
  • Experience higher crop quality, higher yields
  • Run mismatched implements with perfect guess rows
  • Using auto steer when spraying or side-dressing is made possible

When sub-inch accuracy is required, ProTrakker active implement guidance is the solution. Adding ProTrakker to your precision planting operation boosts your accuracy to an unmatched standard, no matter the landscape. Our hitches complement nearly all GPS tractor guidance systems, to enable more precise farming practices like edge-row sowing. These photos show how the ProTrakker helped a seeder plant perfectly into the stored moisture of last year’s crop, resulting in better yields and extended growing season in Australia.

Contact us to learn more about ProTrakker’s adaptable tractor guidance system or order a hydraulic hitch