Control Options

Implement Control Systems

ProTrakker systems are compatible with a wide variety of tractor control options, making our products easy to integrate into your operation. When it comes to precision agriculture technologies, whether you’re looking for ultrasonic guidance, a manual/auto controller for implement steering, or are using a GPS steering system—like John Deere’s implement guidance—ProTrakker hitches get the job done. Leading names in precision ag technology such as John Deere, Trimble, Raven and AgLeader are all compatible with ProTrakker’s GPS-ready implement guidance equipment.

Sonic Guidance

Ultrasonic sensors are used for precise implement steering—guiding tractors by sensing tire tracks, strip-till ridges and more.


SonicTrakk™ is an innovative ISO VT-compatible control option for farmers looking to achieve a high level of accuracy in their implement guidance system, without dependence on a GPS signal. Ultrasonic technology delivers reliable precision in the field, improving the planting and harvesting of any row crop.

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Manual/Auto Controller

ProTrakker’s hitch automatically adjusts on side-hills, preventing the implement from damaging crops.

ProTrakker Side-Hill Sensor™

The side-hill sensor detects the tractor's degree of slope and automatically adjusts the ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch to keep the implement in the guidance track. Regardless of the terrain, this technology will bring precision to your operation and keep your implement on track

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Precision GPS Steering

ProTrakker’s Hydraulic Hitch works with leading GPS implement control options on all your precision ag machinery.

John Deere Active Implement Guidance System

Steers tractor on guidance line utilizing the Application Controller 1100, a Greenstar™ display and AutoTrac™ components.

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Trimble TrueTracker

Uses the tractor's Autopilot system to follow the correct path utilizing T3™ sensors on the NavController II. This steering system provides active control, forward and backward control, and terrain compensation.

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Raven SBGuidance Twin

This system measures the position of the tractor and implement through their individual GPS antennas and offers DynamIQ terrain compensation, enabling precise rows for repeated field operations.

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Homburg Holland's SmartSteer System, Compatible with AgLeader

SmartSTEER runs on the ISOBUS VT screen using an RTK antenna for steering, following the actual auto steer track of the tractor.

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