About Us

For over 40 years, MBW has been engineering top-notch products for agriculture use. MBW began as a maintenance and custom fabrication provider in the ag industry. During this time, our engineers dedicated themselves to listening to the needs of ag professionals, developing product ideas and listening to feedback from customers. This experience led to the development of the very first hydraulic hitch, aimed at superior row crop guidance.

Our tried-and-true hydraulic hitch was revamped in 2011, and new models were added to create the GPS-compatible ProTrakker product line. This desire for constant improvement in our precision agriculture products helps us offer our customers a superior level of quality and value in our implement guidance systems.

All MBW products are hand-built and tested by people within the industry, so you can be confident that your ProTrakker will stand up to the toughest of challenges, both today and tomorrow.

300DB Guidance System

300DB Hydraulic Hitch:


for 80-300 HP Implements

300DB Hydraulic Hitch Details
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400DB Guidance System

400DB Hydraulic Hitch:


for 400 HP Implements

400DB Hydraulic Hitch Details
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500DB Guidance System

500DB Hydraulic Hitch:


Hitch Height

500DB Hydraulic Hitch Details
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400DX Guidance System

400DX Hydraulic Hitch:


to Drawbar Style Hookup

400DX Hydraulic Hitch Details
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WS9000T Guidance System

WS9000T Hydraulic Hitch:


for 9000T John Deere Tractors

WS9000T Hydraulic Hitch Details
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