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The Importance of Utilizing Implement Guidance Systems With Sidedressing

In farming, there are a number of challenging tasks that leave no room for error. Sidedressing crops are one of those unforgiving jobs, where exact precision is key to successful fertilizer application. Get it wrong, and you could cause damage to crops or miss the mark on management goals. Utilizing implement guidance systems, such as ProTrakker, ensures you and your implement stay on track. The ProTrakker team goes in-depth behind the problems growers face while sidedressing, how advanced implement guidance helps eliminate these issues, and what options are available.

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John Deere Implement Guidance

The ProTrakker WS9000T Hydraulic Hitch is specific to the John Deere 9000 series track tractors, 9000T and 9000RT. For implement correction or for dampening, control the wide swing mechanism on these tractors the way you want with the WS9000T. Compatible with a range of control options for sub-inch row accuracy, the WS9000T delivers John Deere implement guidance and consistent repeatability year after year.

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