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SonicTrakk Implement Control System Designed To Be Adaptable and Easy To Use

Odebolt, IA (July 15, 2019) - ProTrakker ™️ is known for creating hydraulic hitch implement guidance systems that can easily conform to a grower’s operational needs. The company’s SonicTrakk ™️ control option uses that principle of adaptability to elevate the level of accuracy in the field. Along with a flexible range of sensing capabilities, SonicTrakk hosts a variety of innovative Virtual Terminal (VT) compatible control settings and easy-to-adjust ultrasonic sensor modules so growers can be confident that precision is never compromised.

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"As a dealer, the ProTrakker Hitch has opened a new market for us. It is an easy sell to anyone that has already invested in John Deere's Active Implement Guidance. It's part of the package to achieve straight and accurate rows all throughout the season." - ProTrakker Dealer

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Solution Spotlight

ProTrakker Introduces New Guidance Systems WS9000T

The ProTrakker WS9000T Hydraulic Hitch is specific to the John Deere 9000 series track tractors, 9000T and 9000RT. For implement correction or for dampening, control the wide swing mechanism on these tractors the way you want with the WS9000T. Compatible with a range of control options for sub-inch row accuracy, the WS9000T delivers implement correction and consistent repeatability year after year.

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