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Benefits Cover Crops Could Bring to Your Field

In recent years, many farmers have turned to cover crops for a variety of reasons. While the specific plant used varies, cover crops are planted in fields after harvest with the goals of improving field health and managing erosion. The practice is becoming increasingly common with farmers looking for soil health benefits, reduced runoff, or even the recently announced insurance savings. Still, many are hesitant — are the benefits worth the work of planting an entirely different crop? If you're one of those still on the fence, we broke down the positives of cover cropping so you can make an informed decision.

Benefits Cover Crops Could Bring to Your Field

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SonicTrakk™ Implement Guidance Control Option

SonicTrakk™ is an innovative ISO VT compatible control option that precisely guides multiple implements on all types of terrain. By using the four exterior sensors of the SonicTrakk, farmers achieve the repeatability required for high accuracy farming practices. No matter the landscape, SonicTrakk takes precision implement steering to a higher level.

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