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ProTrakker Provides Yield Boosts In Edge-Row Sowing Practice

Non-wetting soils, such as those found in dry climates, force growers to adopt a new planting practice that allows crops to have better access to moisture and nutrients in the soil. Producers in Australia are moving towards a precise planting method called “edge-row sowing”.

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Solution Spotlight

SonicTrakk™ Implement Guidance Control Option

SonicTrakk™ is an innovative ISO VT-compatible control option that gives you precise row crop guidance for your implements, on all types of terrain. By using the four exterior sensors of the SonicTrakk, farmers achieve the repeatability required for high accuracy farming practices. No matter the landscape, SonicTrakk helps eliminate implement drift and takes precision implement steering to a higher level, helping you maximize the yield of your row crops.

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